Find Green garage "FG2" registration represents validation of status in an official state or local Green business program. The FG2 Registry is based on the current information about the business. In some cases, the tonnes of Greenhouse Gas "GHG" saved may be different if the Registry does not have sufficient information about the current business climate and energy conditions.

FG2 records the cumulative tonnes of GHG saved since the business was recognized by the Registry. In some cases, FG2 will not record the tonnes of GHG saved (indicated by .0001 tonnes, Climate and Energy Saved) for reasons that include insufficient information about a business or ongoing verification.

The FG2 Registry is not a guarantee of a business' reliability or performance, and FG2 recommends that consumers consider a business' Green Business Registration in addition to all other available information about the business.


FG2 Registration is based on information in FG2, federal, State and Local Green Business files with respect to the following factors:

  1. Type of business.
  2. A business' FG2 Registry is considered in the following three categories:
    • Automotive service and repair business: Car Washes; Automotive Collision Shops; Automotive Dealers; Glass Replacement Shops; General Automotive Repair Shops; Oil and Lube Shops; Transmission Repair Shops; Auto Exhaust System Repair Shops; Tire Retreading And Repair Shops; Tune Up Shops; and Misc. Service Shops not specifically mentioned.
    • Types of business that, in FG2 experience, are believed to operate in violation of the law or materially misrepresent their products/services. Businesses that fall within this category will be removed from the Registry.
  3. State or Local Green Program.
  4. A State or Local Green business program is based in part on 16 C.F.R. Part 260: Guides for the Use of Environmental Marketing Claims; all federal, State and city permits and laws; and the Clean Air Act Stationary Source Compliance Monitoring Strategy. FG2 recognizes the following two categories of State or Local Green business programs:
    • State or Local Green business programs that are based on the criteria in 2. State or Local Green Program. These programs will be included in FG2.
    • State or Local Green business programs that are based on the criteria in 2. State or Local Green Program. These programs will be excluded from FG2.
  5. Background information on business.
  6. FG2 will consider business to have started at the time FG2 opened its file on the business unless FG2 file indicates an earlier time.

    A business' FG2 Registry may be removed if:
    • FG2 does not have basic background information on the business. FG2 routinely requests climate and energy savings information on businesses. While businesses are under no legal obligation to provide FG2 with information, the failure of a business to provide information may lead to removal from the Registry.
    • FG2 does not have a clear understanding of the climate and energy savings policies and practices. This includes situations where FG2 has conflicting information about the business and the business is not able to resolve the conflict to the State or Local Green Business program satisfaction.
  7. Licensing and government actions known to FG2.
  8. A business' FG2 Registry may be removed when FG2 has knowledge of the following:
    • Failure of the business to have required State and Local licensing (i.e., licensing that requires a competency assessment or can be taken away based on misconduct by business).
    • Government actions against the business that relate to its marketplace activities and, in FG2's opinion, raise questions about the business' ethics or its reliability in Green sustainability.
    FG2 routinely checks required competency licensing and government actions before a business is accredited by FG2. FG2 does not routinely check required competency licensing and government actions for businesses that do not seek FG2 accreditation, although in some cases FG2 learns of these matters through its marketplace research.
  9. Advertising issues known to FG2.
  10. A business' FG2 Registry is lowered when the business does not, in FG2's opinion, appropriately respond to FG2 advertising challenges that relate to:
    • Misuse of the official State or Local Green business name or marks; or
    • Misuse of the FG2 name or FG2 marks; or
    • Potential advertising issues identified by FG2.
    FG2 advertising challenges are made at FG2's discretion when it receives complaints from consumers about advertising or when FG2 identifies questionable advertising through its monitoring of local media.

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